2007 Used cars for sale in South Africa

USED CARS FOR SALE IN SOUTH AFRICA Finding a suitable Used Car/Second hand affordable vehicle has never been easier. Select the vehicle manufacturer you require (e.g. Audi). The next page displays all pre owned Audi car models in good condition on top of the page. Select for example Audi TT, and then the second hand car Variant required. You can narrow down your search further to include `Year of Manufacturer`, `Region`, `Price` and `Body Type`. Once you have found the car model variant you are keen on, complete the enquiry form with all your details to contact the car dealership, and once submitted, the dealer will contact you directly. You will also receive an email providing details of the vehicle with the dealers contact details whom you contact the directly if you so wish from our best valued car dealers

2015 audi a3 a3-1.4 for sale in South Africa

2007 Fiat Grande Punto 1.9 View Car

Error Fiat Grande Punto 1.9 Emotion 3Dr, 99858 kms for sale in

For R 79900

2015 audi a3 a3-1.4 for sale in South Africa

2007 Ford Ranger 3.0Tdci Xle View Car

Error Ford Ranger 3.0Tdci Xle 4X4 P/U D/C, 279488 kms for sale in

For R 109900

2015 audi a3 a3-1.4 for sale in South Africa

2007 Honda Accord 2.0 View Car

Error Honda Accord 2.0 Executive, 115357 kms for sale in

For R 129900

2015 audi a3 a3-1.4 for sale in South Africa

2007 Mazda Drifter 2500Td View Car

Error Mazda Drifter 2500Td Sle P/U D/C, 146311 kms for sale in

For R 117900

2015 audi a3 a3-1.4 for sale in South Africa

2007 Mercedes-Benz S 63 View Car

Error Mercedes-Benz S 63 Amg A/T, 43000 kms for sale in

For R 749900

2015 audi a3 a3-1.4 for sale in South Africa

2007 Toyota Rav4 2.0 View Car

Error Toyota Rav4 2.0 Gx, 185000 kms for sale in

For R 149900

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Used Car Tips


Find specific cars on-line before you head out to dealers. Should you find a suitable car on-line call ahead to verify that the car is still available. Nothing worse than to travel one hundred kilometres to find out that the car has been sold. KNOW WHAT THE CAR IS WORTH

When you have a specific car in mind, research its value on-line. Know your price.


Service records and a vehicle history report may not be iron-clad proof of a car`s past, but it will provide an indication on how the car has been serviced and looked after. Confirmation of important maintenance like a timing-chain gear, the clutch or other expensive work can be a bargaining tool and help you anticipate costs.


You don`t have to get intense with negotiating, but stick within the price range you`re willing to spend. If that`s not going to your satisfaction, stay cool. Make sure the seller/dealer has your contact information and thank him or her for their time. If they don`t call your bluff and open negotiations again, so be it. At least you won`t have been pressured into accepting a disagreeable offer.


It is often said that the best deals are at the end of the month, but there are other times when dealers can be more flexible. School holidays are generally slower as consumers are pre-occupied with their holiday arrangements.


If price is a sticking point don`t be shy to negotiating with the dealer to include more for the price. With a private seller, that could be a full tank of petrol, an oil change or professional car valet. A dealer can do the same and more. All you have to do is ask, and the worst they can say is no.

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