Mercedes-Benz to Launch C-Class Hatchback

Look no further than Audi and BMW for the reasons why.
We re all familiar with the long-running Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan, coupe and cabrio. The German automaker s entry-level rear-wheel-drive model and BMW 3 Series fighter has always managed to sell well, but it s often times fallen a bit short when compared directly against the BMW. But the next-gen C-Class is just around the corner and based on initial rumours, this will be the most formidable model yet. Unlike previous C-Class generations, there will be a fourth body style in the line-up.

Set to debut at Geneva next March, the 2015 C-Class will also be sold as a hatchback. There are two reasons why: the BMW 3 Series GranTurismo and Audi s A5 Sportback. Sources are indicating that the new five-door will be the sportiest C-Class variant on offer until the coupe arrives at a later date. It is aimed at those markets, like the UK and Australia, that enjoy taut-feeling athletic cars, according to one Mercedes source.

No word yet on whether the new C-Class hatch will make its way to the US, but considering the 3 Series GT is about to go on sale there, we wouldn t rule anything out.



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