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2008 cadillac bls bls-2.0t for sale in South Africa

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Silver Cadillac Bls 2.0T A/T, 128350 kms for sale in Gauteng

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The company was acquired by General Motors in 1909 taking advantage of Cadillac`s high-end brand name and its expertise in producing stylish luxury cars.

Cadillac did not truly come into its own until the post 2nd World War era. Cadillacs of the 1940s, 50s. And 60s were instant icons.

The oil crisis in the 70`s is when Americans began purchasing smaller cars and the company`s sales declined throughout the decade. The brand continued to struggle in the 1980s as American drivers turned towards Japanese automakers.

Cadillac finally found its footing in the American auto market in the 1990s. By introducing a line of redesigned models and making major improvements in the quality of the engines it produced, Cadillac was able to reverse its fortunes introducing new models like the Escalade and the CTS sport sedan. These in turn finally succeeded in making Cadillac popular with younger drivers that had proved elusive in previous decades.

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